Need a constant startup position on ODrive S1, nothing is working

Current System is as follows

  1. ODrive S1
  2. 5065 Motor
  3. 1:8 Gearbox
  4. Onboard Encoder
  5. Control Over CAN (cannot move to uart due to system contraints)
  6. Trap Traj

There is a rod attached at output of the gearbox and it performs repeated Movements in a 180 degree region, which is 4 rotations on input

The reference with which these movements are made are very important and need to be accurate to the mm. I have tried to setup homing, received sensor data on odrive min endstop, but when homing state was requested it didn’t do anything. Beyond that have also tried using Absolute Setpoints, but that results in a Not Calibrated error when I enter closed loop control.

I am connected remotely to the host controller that controls the ODrive, I need to be able to reboot the odrive and have it home itself to the same position automatically everytime.

Homing was broken, you can use odrivetool dfu --channel=devel to get the fixed version :slight_smile: