Need help getting started with sensorless

I found many posts about startup procedures for sensorless mode, but whatever I try I can’t get my motor to spin.

Here is some information that should be useful:
Odrive version 3.6
Brushless motor
No changes to firmware
I can connect via odrivetool and send commands
hw_version_major = 3 (int)
fw_version_minor = 4 (int)
fw_version_revision = 10 (int)
fw_version_unreleased = 0 (int)
hw_version_minor = 6 (int)
fw_version_major = 0 (int)
hw_version_variant = 56 (int)

I supply it with 40V.
It does beep and turn the motor, if I request state AXIS_STATE_FULL_CALIBRATION_SEQUENCE, however I then get the encoder error since I do not have an encoder connected.

I tired this:
Sensorless Mode
and this:
Startup procedure sensorless
but without any success.

If you need specific information, just leave a message.
Thanks for any support.

I get the error: 0x01, which seems to indicate that I am missing a value or something isn’t calibrated but I can’t figure out what it is.

EDIT 2: now I feel dumb. I forgot to set the motor direction…

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