Need help on selecting the odrive controller for my motor

I am planning to purchase odrive controller for a bldc motor with the following spec but have difficulty to select which controller.

bldc motor spec.
rated voltage: 24V
rated current: 13.6A
peak current: 40A
rated speed: 3500rpm

I saw there are 2 odrive controller available: 24V controller and 56V controller.
My question is can I use the 56V controller for the selected motor or I have to use 24V controller?
The 56V means it will supply 56V on the 3 phase power to the motor? (sorry, I am not really familiar on how the bldc work)

I had to choose 56V controller because my battery voltage supply will go as high as 29V. I saw the input range for 24V controller is 12 to 24V which is lower than the maximum supply voltage from my battery (29V).

Appreciate for any help on this.

Shin Guey

Yes, you will want the 56V ODrive. The voltage rating is the limit, not what it outputs.

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Appreciate for the answer.

When the bldc motor spec rated its motor in 24V. Does it means it only accept 24V input voltage, or if input higher voltage will spoil the motor or not?

What is the output voltage level for the 56V odrive controller?

Whatever you put into it :slight_smile:

That’s up to you to figure out from the manufacturer. Typically it means that at 100% duty cycle, the motor will overspeed at 24V without a load.

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