NEMA23 Enclosure for D5065 motor


Here are the files for the NEMA23 compatible mounting solution for the D5065 dual shaft motors and CUI AMT-102v encoder, which are the ones currently available from the ODrive shop.

There are two versions of the enclosure, one has triangular overhang ventilation holes and can be printed without supports. The other version allows using a 40mm fan for forced air cooling. Since the D5065 motor has a thermistor, you could control the fan speed based on motor temperature.

Hardware and Files

I would recommend to print this in PETg or other high temp plastic, since it is easy for the motor heat to soften the plastic.


The enclosure consistos of two parts that are bolted together. The required mounting hardware is:

  • 4x M4 8mm screws for the motor.
  • 4x M3 8mm screws for the encoder. These self-tap into the 3D printed plastic.
  • 4x M3 10mm screws to hold the plate to the shell. These self-tap into the plastic.
  • 4x M4 screws for the fan, if using the forced air version. The length of the screws depend on how thick the fan is. The depth of the hole for the screw into the plastic is 8mm.


Useful CAD Resources

Anyone done anything similar with the D6374? Laser or 3d printable?


wow! brilliant!
thanks for sharing


Freaking AWESOME. clearances are spot on. I’m actually considering ordering these in metal print.


I made a slight alteration to the naturally cooled version by adding a 32mm cutout at the top, to work with the old style motor that got sold before the new odrive branded double shaft one.


Here it is printed out. You cant see it that well but as the shaft is mounted with 4 screws you got that 28*10mm disk that was too large to fit the new case.


Get the base plate milled in Aluminum and the cover printed in high temp PLA. much cheaper and more accurate. Those metal sinter parts are actually pretty rough when they come out of the oven and have rather bad tolerances.