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N5065 with laser cut encoder test jig - Oskar Weigl (@madcowswe)

Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 5065 with 3D printed encoder test jig - Oskar Weigl (@madcowswe)

EMP C4250 with laser cut encoder test jig - Oskar Weigl (@madcowswe)

Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 6374 - Taylor Alexander (@tlalexander)

Getting Started With ODrive
N5065 Motor 3D Models

N5065 Motor

N5065 Motor / J733 test jig


Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 4250


Hey all, thanks for these resources they are very helpful. madcowswe, do you suppose you could put links to your CAD models somewhere other than Onshape? Perhaps just STEP files somewhere that those of us who don’t use Onshape can access easily? (I can’t get it to work in my browser and am unable to export them)


I have made a 3d printable mount for the N5065 motor that works with the AMT102-V encoder which can be found here.

This model was made so that I could also include a duct and fan to aid with cooling of the motor.

However I found that when I printed and tested this concept the fan did not aid much in cooling. I have ordered a more powerful server fan which will hopefully make a bigger difference. When I get around to testing that fan I will post the results in a separate thread. In the mean time I thought others might find this model useful for getting started with this motor and encoder.

Edit: I forgot to mention (it was on grabcad though) that only the motor mount and duct are my own. The model of the N5065 motor is by Paul Guenette (@Wetmelon below), the AMT102-V Encoder is by Electropioneer Serbia (AMT102-V Encoder) and the DC fan is a modified version of the model provided by Andrew Thomas (60mm DC Fan)


I’ve modeled this motor:

Note that, as the grabcad description says - the external dimensions should be accurate, but I just made my best guess at the internals. Mass is correct (450g). If opened in SolidWorks, the assembly should also be correctly constrained (again, externally).



CAD Model for the Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 5045 motor. Outside dimensions should be accurate to the 2d CAD drawing from the HK website. Will be printing an enclosure/mount soon so I’ll no for sure quite soon!

Grabcad Link: