New to ODrive. Can't get through calibration. axis0.error = 0x4

I just recently bought the 24v driver. i ran through the basic setup and when to run the odrv0.axis0.requested_state = AXIS_STATE_FULL_CALIBRATION_SEQUENCE. then nothing happens at all. i tried the error codes for the motor and the encoder. they both return 0x0.
when i issue the command hex(odrv0.axis0.error) the return is 0x4.

I see error codes for 0x04 and 0x40. are these different then what i am returning.
thanks in advanced for the help

Hi, an axis error 0x4 is DC_BUS_OVER_VOLTAGE.
What voltage are you using to supply the odrive with?

Check your brake_resistance value

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I am running a 29.9V supply into the board. However i did change the overvoltage flag to be above the 29.9V with the command to configure the over voltage flag. will this not matter as i have a 24V board? i have a 24V supply ordered and on its way. I checked the Brake Resistance value and updated it and didn’t get any results

I did check this value. and i didn’t get any results. Would the error message 0x04( the *ERROR_DC_BUS_OVER_VOLTAGE) error be different from a 0x4 error

Please do not give any voltage higher than 24V to the 24V board, it may destroy it.

I have a 24V supply now and that works.