Newbie with Motor and Encoder

Hello, I am currently trying to work with the motor and encoder that I purchased from the odriver website. I believe I only received the motor but I was wondering if anyone can help us with a step by step introduction on setting up the motor to see how it operates.

Hey there!

They have step by step instructions in the getting started part of the site. They might seem a bit daunting at first but they really aren’t that bad. I knew very very little and was able to figure it out, it just took a few hours and you have to go over things a few times. This would be a better place to ask specific questions if you run into road blocks or things you can’t figure out.

Start with this:

On the big thing you’ll need is a motor stand or a way to hook up the motor and encoder. I ended up having a friend with a 3d printer print me one with the CAD files on the form. I have made a few my self that I’ll post one I get them right.

I am following up about this with you by email.