No data frames feedaback after Remote frame request

My project is about a STM32 F407 embedded with 2 can modules to drive odrive. I requested 000029 and 00009 to get feedback information, but each time just a few minutes of getting some data it just would not update. So I updated the firmware from 0.5.1 to 0.5.6 and set Axis0.node=0 ,Axis1.node=1, baud rate=1M ( the same as before) ,As the picture attached illustrated, I monitored the can bus it just did not provide any feedback from odrive. I do not know how to handle this issue.
Wish for any help or idea.

Hi there,

To clarify, the ODrive will properly respond with data for some period of time, and then stop responding?

Hi Solomondg thanks for your reply. Actually the odrive used to respond with data but stop responding after a few minutes when firmware was 0.5.1. However, we upgraded the firmware to 0.5.6, now the odrive would not respond with any data when we keep sending request with another CAN device. Do we need any ways to adjust or activate the can module of odrive?