Noob with Smoothieboard/Odrive question

Been lurking for a while, and am very much a noob to this scene, so be nice to me :slight_smile:

I would like to add the Odrive to the xy axes of my printer. I’m not moving a great deal of weight, around 300g, and want to drive to with a smoothieboard. Is this possible yet?

It appears Smoothieboard has motor outputs, but if you can tap off the step & direction outputs somewhere, you can put those signals directly into ODrive.

Thanks for that. Looks like I have some hunting to do.

Can anyone recommend suitable motors? The ones on the list seems way overpowered for what I need. Would inrunners be an issue?

No issues with inrunners if you have an encoder that can handle the speed. I believe the current recommended limit for the stock ones is 5000 RPM.

The ODrive motor guide has some recommended motors.

In the Smoothieboard pinout you can see the step/dir signals that you can tap from a motor output and feed to the ODrive (we don’t use the enable line yet, but we should soon):

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Well, that certainly gives me a great start. Thanks a lot for your help. I hope to have a few more questions in the near future :slight_smile:

Actually, I have one right now. If I use the smoothieboard, should I disable acceleration and jerk, and let the Odrive take care of all that?

You can keep all the motion profile settings (such as accel, jerk control) enabled.

Interesting. Is that ideal - leaving the settings on - or “just something that can be done”? Which board would do a better job at dealing with acceleration and jerk, or is that simply not an issue?

The acceleration and jerk handling should be done on the board that does the trajectory planning, so it is ideal to leave it on.

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Thanks for that. I defer to your greater knowledge!