Not able to connect ODrive to Rasp.Pi 4B through USB

Hi everybody,
I am having problems trying to connect my ODrive to a Raspberry Pi model 4B.
I am powering the ODrive with a 6s LiPo battery and the Raspberry Pi with its dedicated power supply. The ODrive successfully performs its startup automatic calibration sequence when powered.
When I try to launch odrivetool I get the following error:
" [USB] Could not open USB device: -3 "
I am using also a wireless mouse, which is also connected via USB, and it is working properly. Removing it from the USB port does not alter the error.
Can someone provide me with some help?
Thanks in advance

Just for completeness, I tried the lsub command and the ODrive is correctly recognized:
“Bus 001 Device 008: ID 1209:0d32 Generic ODrive Robotics ODrive v3”

Apparently it was really a stupid problem. On my main pc running on Lubuntu this was not necessary, however on Raspbian I needed to use superuser privilegies. This solved the issue

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