O drive on my actuator or steady win

Is it possible to use Odrive on steady win mini cheetah motors or on my actuator motors. ive experimented with cube mars and steady win motors/actuators but the cube mars barely worked and the steadywin never did so I want to replace the board with something more reliable. Ive been using arduino with a can bus shield
thanks Matt

Hi there! You can absolutely use ODrive on those actuators, it’ll just require a machined or 3D printed mount for the ODrive so the magnetic angle sensor is aligned above the encoder magnet in the motor (assuming you’re using ODrive Pro / S1 / Micro). Alternatively, you can use the ODrive OA1 as a magnetic encoder, then have your ODrive Pro/S1 mounted elsewhere.

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This sounds like an excellent solution!

Is there any tutorials available on how to fit the encoder and how to get the O drive to work with an arduino and CAN Bus shield?

Also do you need the odrive pro or does the s1 suffice?
I’d love to get a pro but i’ll end up buying 8 so the price starts to come into the decision then!

Thank you for the help!


Usually the actuators will have a built-in magnet, you just need to position the ODrive so that the onboard magnetic angle sensor (dead center in the middle of the board, pic below) is 0.5-1mm above the actuator’s magnet. Note that it should be pretty precise – any offset will add error and hurt performance, though some careful 3D printing is usually fine. Ditto if you choose to use the OA1 - more info here ODrive OA1 Datasheet — ODrive Documentation 0.6.9 documentation

Arduino CAN guide here: Controlling ODrive from an Arduino via CAN — ODrive Documentation 0.6.9 documentation

S1 is great, and probably what I’d recommend anyways! For your purposes, the difference is that it’s just a bit lower voltage/current (50.5V/40A vs 58V/80A).