O drive to control DJI Ronin Motors

So i’m busy planning to build a small camera robot for myself. Would love to use O-Drive as much as possible with either the recommended planetary reduction or used harmonic drive reducers from ebay. I do have a broken DJI Ronin-m lying around and an old original Ronin so was wondering about using odrive to control them. the motors have 16 magnets tested with allen wrench, and 12 stator coils? and i think it has a magnetic hall effect sensor. Well there is a magnet in the end of the shaft with a sensor right above it with one of the following sensors board mounted https://www.mouser.co.za/Search/Refine?Keyword=as5055a
this would obviously be replaced but i presume the magnet could be retained and used with a replacement sensor?

Do will these sensors work with odrive? are they reliable for homing as well as sensing rotation?
i wouldn’t at all be opposed to replacing the sensor if it makes life easier?

Yeah, these are magnetic absolute encoders. You could theoretically pull the data right off the AS5055A. We currently have “preliminary” support for certain AMS and CUI encoders including the AMS AS5048A on the RazorsFrozenTesting branch, which will become the next major firmware update.

Thanks for the reply, that sensor is mounted into a circuit board so would have to e replaced with a fresh sensor. are the magnets specific to that model sensor or would any magnetic absolute encoder work with that magnet? excuse my ignorance, what is a magnetic absolute encoder?

The magnet has to be diametrically magnetized, but if it’s already integrated into the motor then it will be.

They read the N and S pole of a magnet as it spins and calculate the absolute angle of the magnet relative to the sensor. Very convenient for commutation