Odrive 24v and 56v power supply help request


I have ordered and received my Odrive equipment.
For information the Odrive engines are of excellent quality and I am really happy to have bought them.

So I have the following equipment:
The first project contains an Odrive 56v + 2 MOTOR - D6374 150KV + 2 ENCODER CPR 8192

Second Project contains one Odrive 24v + 2 MOTOR - D5065 270K + 2 ENCODER CPR 8192

I would like to know what battery to use to power the Odrive source needed to run the motors of my two projects, because the 48v and 70 Amp battery is very heavy and bulky.

Volt and Amperage needed for the motors:

  • ODrive Robotics D5065 - 270kv it needs max ''65A Max and 32v ‘’ Max

and for

  • ODrive Robotics D6374 - 150kv ''70 A Max 48v ‘’ Max

I thank the community for your help.

You can use any voltage UP TO the rated voltage on the board. The voltage will set your maximum speed (according to the motor kv). Calculate the power you need for your machine, and that is the roughly the power that is required from the battery.

thank you for your help