Odrive 3.6 56v dc bus shorted

Let’s speak the truth from the start. I’m talking about on odesc v3.6. I used it in a 3d printer coupled with a Duet2 in step dir. It all worked quite fine though sometimes one of the motors stopped, each time I was trying to get more speed from the machine. Tinkering about, I noticed that my 48v psu was delivering around 20v. I increased that, and the odrive did like a small tik and no more green light. + and - on the dc bus are shorted. Very difficult to find what is dead because so many components are on this bus an can be incriminated. I have one genuine Od 3.6 56v and compared many values and can’t find where it blew. No visible damage nowhere.
I think the psu sent some surge to the board and blew something that created this shortcut.
My question is: Has that happened to someone already, has someone got leads on such a shortcut situation?
There was a moment the od revived briefly, was even recognized through usb, and blew again a minute later. That’s why I have hope that not everything is fried, and that the logic is unnafected.

Hi there,

This is likely an issue with defective components used on the ODESC, unfortunately. Sometimes they’ll use factory reject parts or lower quality FETs and parts to save money. I’d recommend picking up an ODrive S1 instead.

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You’re right. I have checked the fets. At least 2 of them are defective. I’ll try to replace them for the fun of it (I love loosing my time!). I have to check that psu which also seem to be a big crap/ replace it with a meanwell. Problem solved, thanks a lot Sir!