ODrive 3.6 inf inductance during calibration

Hi, I just got an ODrive v3.6 and have been trying to run the calibration sequence, but it never gets past measuring phase inductance. I.e.:


I’m using a 12V battery hooked up to a drone outrunner (Hacker A30-12 L) which has KV = 1000 rpm/V, and the output shaft is connected only to the CUI AMT102-V 8192 CPR encoder from the ODrive shop. I also made sure that the ODrive firmware is updated.

I’ve tested on both M0 and M1. I’ve also attempted raising the calibration current (and accordingly, the current limit, though it wasn’t clear to me if they impact each other) to 20A and 30A, as well as raising the calibration voltage to 4V.

Any suggestions on what I could try or check next? I don’t have any other motors on hand, but might be able to find one in a few days.