Odrive 3.6 is not starting

My odrive 3.6 56v briefly worked when connected to 14v source and odrivetool successfully recognizes it.
Have not setup anything and just checked version and turned off.

The next day I plugged in with 48v power and it won’t start anymore.
Looks like the MCU keeps turning off the main bus as soon as it boot.
If I put MCU in DFU mode the power remains solid.

Is there any pins that disable the output? I see no such pin in v3.5 board.
What are the major difference between v3.5 and v3.6 per schematics wise?


Just some caps.

Sounds like you need to re-flash the board. Happens sometimes, don’t know why.

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Thank you for your comment. Now it works again.
But odrivetool warns me that the device is not a genuine odrive!

Is this problem still available in ODrive Pro? One time we have the same problem too. (Original odrive 3.6, not a Chinese clone)