ODrive 3.6 MOTOR_ERROR_DRV_FAULT only on M1

i have the Problem with hoverboard motors. On M0 it is all ok, no problems.
But when i want to calibrate motor on M1 i get the error MOTOR_ERROR_DRV_FAULT (for both axis).
I tried reflash FW 5.4, switch the motors (M0 <> M1) but its the same result, error when calibrate M1. So i think the motor and wiring is not the problem.

Can anyone help me?

Thx Martin

I measured the phase pins on M1 the middle one is connected to ground.
Can i fix this or do i need a refund?

Thx Martin

Hi Martin, is this a board from odriverobotics.com? If so, please email info@odriverobotics.com with your order number and a link to this post.

Hi, thx, yes it is an originale from the odrive shop.