ODrive 3.6 specifications

I’m considering ODrive for my project but I can’t find the cpu rate and all of these details that are mentiond in a different motor controller that I’m considering (in the image below)
Can you please tell me what are the odrive specs value of the fields in the picture?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:
Amit Ramati

24kHz PWM frequency
8kHz current, velocity, and position control.

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@Wetmelon Thanks for your answer
Does it mean that the odrive is about two times slower than the one in the picture? What does the 8khz mean?

It means it has a lower theoretical bandwidth than your controller. Whether that matters depends on your system design.

@Wetmelon thanks for the quick response
Can these values be increased?

@AmitRa What’s your application?

From those specs I’m guessing the controller you are comparing to is a Maxon ESCON

What motor are you trying to control, and what for?

It’s very unlikely that you will need any more than 8KHz current loop rate for your Cube project.

@towen you are correct the values are from maxon’s escon :laughing:
The mototr im using is maxon’s ec flat 42 50 Watts.
I acctually don’t know what rate is nececary but I’m comparing to the already made cubli which has the escon.

I need to control the motor speed in a pid control loop which is suppose to keep the cube balanced on its corner. Since I’m making adjustments to the motor accelaration according to the found error, I need to make very fast adjustments to avoid side to side swinging of the cube.

Do you know what is the natural frequency of your cube ?
It’s unlikely that you need to make adjustments faster than, say, 100 times that.
In any case, if you are using an IMU, it’s very unlikely to have a sampling rate greater than 8kHz or even 1kHz.