ODrive 3.6 with Robo Wheel RW170

Hello, I bought a new ODrive 3.6 and using it with the Robo Wheels rw170. The encoders are running perfectly well (checked them using the odrive tool), the odrivetool library is working, and the electronic connections are there.

But every time I try the “Full Calibration” command, the wheel barely moves an inch. And from the docs page here: Getting Started — ODrive Documentation 0.0 documentation

It says I should hear a beep after 2 secs, and see the motor turn slowly.

Can anyone suggest what params to change to fix my problem and get the wheel to turn?

Thank you!

We ended up fixing this by setting pole_pairs = 15, instead of the 27 suggested by the datasheet.

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Unrelated to your question; but while the overall form factor and specs of the robowheel look nice to me, I cant find any torque specs (<1s peak torque being of particular interest to me).

Do you happen to have gained any experience on that front that you are willing to share?