Odrive 56V v3.6's usb striked by 22V spark

I think I bricked my 56V v3.6 odrive.
I was powering the board with s6 lipo. I connected positive wire and with negative wire accidently touched micro usb port then the spark appeared.


cannot powerup the board with usb

when powered by the same lipo there is 3.26V between TP2 and TP3, when powered by usb there is 0V difference

cannot control motors in any other way, I tried can with raspberry and UART RX/TX with arduino when not in DFU mode


How can I repair it?
Will it be enough if I replace micro usb socket with a new one?
Can anything else be damaged?
Is it posible to send the board to a qualified Odrive Service?

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Please note that the USB doesn’t power the board, even in normal cases.
Also, I think connecting positive DC input, and then negative touching the housing of USB, is expected to do a connection spark, but likely not damage anything. So if that is all that happened, it probably okay. Just try to power it not from USB.

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