ODrive and Hobby ESC in parallel

I am working on a project that requires me to drive a motor both at very high speed, and be able to stop and hold a specific position.
For a variety of reasons I don’t want to use the Odrive for high speed operation.

Will my ODrive immediately explode if I hook up both the Hobby ESC and ODrive 3 phase outputs to the motor in parallel…?

My intuition is that I should have some type of switching relay to select between the two drives…

Don’t do that. You are likely to blow up both the ODrive and the hobby ESC.

You may be able to modify the ODrive firmware to remove the modulation magnitude limit, switch to sensorless control at high speeds, or even to implement a field-weakening scheme to allow faster running than even the ESC can go.

Or, just turn up the voltage! :stuck_out_tongue: