Odrive as a constant load

Hello. I’m making a test bench for a motor. The motor will be connected to a hobbyist BLDC motor, and this one to an array of resistors, which will act as a load. Now, in order to model the motor at different loads, I need to change the value of resistors, which will change the power that they can dissipate and thus the load on the axis.

This is a pretty inefficient solution though, and i’ve thought of using an ESC to control the power dumped by the motor to the resistor array, that would be equivalent to control the amount of braking during normal operation. The question is simple, can the Odrive control the amount of power dumped during regenerative braking, like, limiting the current? I’ve tried looking for info on the regenerative braking capabilities but i have not found this specific question. Thank you very much.

Yes, you can run the absorber motor with ODrive and use velocity control, and set it to try to reach 0 speed, and set a current limit: this means it will brake at the current limit (because it is trying to slow the motor to 0 speed).

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Thank you very much! I’ll share what i learn once i get the testbench running