Odrive axis0 may be fried?

Hi Everyone, I have run into an issue where my motor connected to axis0 is cogging really badly when trying to rotate but the motor on axis1 has no problems. When I switch the motors it’s the same issue so it’s something to do with axis0. I have them configured identically and I’ve made sure by erasing the config and redoing it about 5 times. I’ve also checked the connections and they are identical for both axes. I have a suspicion that one of the phases might be fried on axis0. Is there a way for me to connect the output to an oscilloscope and check or is there some other issue that this might be?

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You can check with a multimeter… check for continuity between phases with the motor unplugged.

Sorry, I meant that I think on the axis0 on the controller there might be a mosfet or something fried. I’m wondering if there’s a way to check the controller’s output and make sure each phase is being driven correctly.

Yeah, check for continuity between phases on the board with the motor unplugged. That will tell you if one of the MOSFETs is shorted.

You can read the measured amount of current on the phases with motor.current_meas_.phA, phB, phC