ODrive Based CargoBot

Thought I’d share this project now that I’ve got it moving, a cargobot/personal transport for festivals I’ve name The Luggage. This is just a first stab at integration, I’ve an improved frame already designed, and I’ve a bunch of sensors and bodywork to fix, along with tidying the wiring up.

The idea is it’ll have a high precision GNSS unit on board getting RTK data from nearby, a matching unit on a belt mounted controller will feed the bot breadcrumbs to follow. It has a dead-man’s button so it’ll only move when you press and hold it. Also, only when within a certain distance. It also has a wii nunchuck to enable manual control.

Only just got the motors calibrated and a simple gamepad script written to control it, lots of errors being thrown as I’ve not figured out how to tune it properly yet. If anyone has any tips there I’d appreciate it. I’ve looked through the docs and forum and tried tweaking the gains as suggested, I’m not entirely sure if I should be doing this on bricks, or under load though.

Currently running from a 36v battery but intending to build a larger 48v pack, should give a lot more headroom.

I got my head around tuning the motors today and I’m pretty happy with this! I think when it’s being ridden it needs to be in torque control mode, manual velocity control is a bit of a bugger!

If memory serves, my gain settings are vel_integration_gain= ~19 and vel_gain= ~3.75.

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cool project!

what wheels are those? offroad hoverboard wheels?
if so would you be willing to post your config?
…working on a somewhat similar project (robotic platform for high loads - based on hoverboard wheels) and am not yet happy with my motor tuning…

They are indeed! I’ll post the full config tomorrow but mine is very much a work in progress and there’s more trial and error than I’d care to admit…

What behaviour are you seeing on yours at the minute?

I have some problems with my motors delivering enough torque quick enough.
their behaviour seems fine without load, but under load they take a while to ‘ramp up’ to wenough power to moove me around…

Are you using vel_ramp or torque_ramp on your input? You may want to start a new thread about this, otherwise the replies may get confused