Odrive CAN encoder cyclic messages

Hi there! I’m trying to set up the pos estimate cyclic message over CAN.

According to the documentation I should be able to set it with the odrivetool in axis.config.can but all I find is axis.config.can_heartbeat_rate_ms, axis.config.can_node_id, and axis.config.can_node_id_extended. Should there be a can_encoder_ms or something like it? Did I install the wrong version of odrivetool with pip? Any help would be appreciated.


Adding to that, when receiving the can messages (default configuration) I only see the two heartbeat messages from both axis. I’m using an Odrive v3.6 with the default firmware. Does this version not send cyclic encoder data? Is it a firmware issue? I know I can get the encoder data with the get encoder estimates command, but using the cyclic feature would save me some communication time!

Double check that you’re actually on up to date firmware. We added the encoder cyclic messages a long time ago

Thank you for the reply! Seems like I’m working with firmware version 0.5.1 and encoder cyclic messages were added on version 0.5.2 :sweat_smile: . Seems like I’ll have to export my odrive config and update the firmware. Thanks @Wetmelon !