Odrive Controller powers down motor after short amounts of use

Currently I am using a Odrive v3.6 for a university robotics project. Previously we had issues with another Odrive that was having the same issues stated in the title, running for a certain short period of time(30s-1min max) before slowly dying and stopping. Error tests on that previous odrive controller showed an unstable current issue. For that one we had been using a 16v power supply. Before we could test further with that board we ran into an issue where our USB port was fried.

We recently received a new Odrive board, the one listed above, and ran into the similar issue of the motor slowly dying and giving a current error. However, we did switch over to a lithium ion battery supply with fixed the issue. For a while everything was working fine, with the motor running in excess of two minutes. The issue we came upon though was the fact that the other day we tried starting it up and got the same issue we had before: the motor running for a bit before slowly losing power and stopping. This time around we received no errors, we used a fully charged battery outputting around 16.5v, and changed nothing in the hardware. Without any error codes and with no real change to the setup we are at a loss to what could be causing this powerdown. Any information would be appreciated.

Can you give us some more data?

What motor, encoder, etc. Also, please make sure your encoder is noise-free and mounted rigidly