ODrive died without any sparks (DC+ and DC- are shorted now)


I bought an Odrive v3.6 a couple of weeks ago. Everything was working fine, until my Odrive didn’t turn on any longer. There weren’t any sparks or anything else noticeable. The Odrive just doesn’t turn on when I supply power to it. Nothing happens if I connect it to my PC via USB. It just doesn’t do anything.

Checking with the multimeter, I see that the DC+ and DC- terminals are shorted. Any suggestions for me to try?

Look for any damage on the chips. How is the ODrive connected? What motor are you controlling, what voltage, etc?

also, are you sure the DC input is shorted? It could just be that the multimeter doesn’t provide enough current to charge the capacitors.

If you have a current-limited bench power supply, you can slowly increase the voltage and current until you notice one of the components getting warm. Then remove that component and try again. If you’re lucky, one axis still works and you can repair the other axis by replacing the component.

@Wetmelon The motor is Odrive D6374 150Kv. Voltage was 48V battery.

@towen I tried doing it. But my dc power supply immediately goes into control current mode. The boards starts drawing 1.5A and the voltage remains near 0. I have disconnected all motors while doing this.

There isn’t any visible damage to the board.

@moderators if there isn’t a fix for this odrive board, can I get it replaced?

It’s likely one of the MOSFETs has failed short. This is fixable, if you have the tools and skill to do so, otherwise please email info@odriverobotics.com with a link to this thread.