ODrive for Hall Sensor BLDC


I want to use a 300W low RPM (~3000) high torque industrial BLDC motor with ODrive, basically to use it in constant speed mode. The motor consists of hall sensors. I think in general it will work BUT will the motor a) run smooth even even in the lower RPM range and b) will the operation generate much noise (like stepper motors). I am afraid that without an encoder the speed control loop won’t work properly?!

Ah and c) does ODrive support FOC?

Thanks in advance,


Hi! ODrive supports Hall sensor inputs - see the Hoverboard guide for info.

a) Normally, hall sensor motors struggle at low speed. However, if this is a high pole count motor that is specifically intended to be run at low speed (as you insinuate) then I imagine it should be fine. 3000 rpm is pretty high though, 50 rev/sec. I thought you meant < 1 rev / sec :slight_smile:

b) Probably not, if it’s high pole count. But you’ll have to check for yourself

c) Yes, ODrive uses FOC for current control mode.


I know 3000 rpm is not slow but that is the rated RPM of the motor. Compared to brushless motors for planes etc that is not much. Low speed is maybe 30 RPM or something like that. This is the motor I want to use:


I dont know the pole pair count, need to figure out.