ODrive FW changes for board with only one axis

I have a custom board that has 3 motor drivers. It’s essentially built as two ODrive boards combined in one PCB. The first CPU controls two drivers and second CPU only controls hardware for 1 driver. The side with 2 drivers works fine. The side with only one driver doesn’t connect to odrivetool.

From another similar thread, I read that the firmware may be getting held up trying to communicate with a non-existent second driver. Is there any recommendations on code modifications to enable bypassing the second axis hardware? I’m currently working with FW 0.4.12 due to existing host controller code. I see the parameter “AXIS_COUNT” in odrive_main.h but this doesn’t seem to be carried through the whole project, with various hardcoded references to both axes.

I appreciate the help!


Yeah, disable the while() loop in DRV8301.c that’s waiting for a valid response from the drivers.