Odrive gets disappear unexpectedly

Hi I’m an intern at a technology company.
I’m trying to use odrive with flipsky 6354 brushless motor. I can use it aswell but we moved our company to another building. Now I’m trying to use it as I used it back at other building but my odrive gets disappeared for no reason. Sometimes it takes 1 hour sometimes it takes 5 minutes. So what do you think is the problem and how to solve it?

Are you using the same computer & the same power supply?

Yes I didn’t changed anything. Just changed few config settings.(vel gain, pos gain etc.)

Disappeared at 15:19:42

I can only guess that your wiring is somehow different, or the power at the wall is different, and you have a grounding issue that’s causing the USB to fail. Make sure you use a high quality USB cable with a common mode choke or ferrite bead.

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Okey now I solved this problem with a shorter usb cable

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