Odrive limit current without shutting down

I’ve noticed that when the current limit is hit, the odrive throws an error and stops the motor. Is there a way to change this so it just reduces the torque demand, instead of shutting down?

I’m using the odrive to drive a robot with 2 skateboard motors. Ideally I would like to run with a velocity and torque limit. So the target torque would be applied until the target velocity is reached (if ever).

A current limit without error is the normal behaviour.
The current_limit_violation error is thrown only if the current controller was unable to control the current to within current_lim * current_lim_tolerance.
This is probably caused by noise affecting the current sensors. Try a ferrite ring on the motor wires.
As a workaround, you can increase motor.config.current_lim_tolerance

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It’s current_lim + current_lim_tolerance now (as of 0.5.1, I think the old versions were * but the new stuff is all +)

But otherwise agreed all around.

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