Odrive motor vs servo

I am using 12 servos for quadruped robot project. The servo I am using has parameters:
Speed: 0.17sec/60 degree at(6v)
0.15sec/60 degree at(7.4v)
0.13sec/60 degree at(8.4v)
Torque: 58kg.cm.at(6v)

I just got to odrive. I am confused not knowing about its power compared to the servos (eg I am using). Differences in speed, torque or anything else. Please explain to me.
Why and when use odrive?
Thanks for your help


It depends on the motor you want to connect and the voltage and kv rating of that motor.
Odrive can push up to 100A peak and ~90A continous if you cool it enough.
Have a look at the specsheet made by odrive for some common motors and their own motors

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“hobby” servos are typically small DC motors attached to high ratio gearboxes with a potentiometer for feedback. The output shafts move very slowly with reasonably high torque. However, they don’t have a lot of power. ODrive is designed for much higher power motors - up to 4kW at 56V! As Leo said, check out the motor guide - it will give you an idea of the motors typically used with ODrive

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Very interesting. Thank you :grinning: