ODrive Motors Stall Current

Hey guys, I couldn’t find the stall current of the ODrive motors (Both D6374 and D5065) i am referring to the maximum current drawn, when the motor is applying its maximum torque when the shaft is locked in place.

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Go to docs and in the menu on the left near the bottom is the motor guide https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12vzz7XVEK6YNIOqH0jAz51F5VUpc-lJEs3mmkWP1H4Y/edit#gid=0

Unless you mean absolute maximum with current limiting disabled, in which case you should be able to calculate it from the winding resistance and voltage applied. It will be something very high, quickly resulting in flashes and smoke coming from the transistors, unless the solder joints melt first. This is why ODrive’s current limiting is so useful :slight_smile:

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