Odrive not connecting to pi after temporary loss of power while in operation

First, my setup: Odrive is connected to a raspberry pi through USB (running it through the terminal). Odrive is powered by a desktop power supply limited to 22 volts, 5 amps (current limiting supply. One turnigy motor connected to M0 with encoder. The motor was only drawing .28 amps with default 10 amp holding limit and stopped from turning. I wanted to test closer to the full 5 amps I was supplying the Odrive, so through the terminal I bumped up the odrive’s holding power to 50 amps. I attempted to stop the motor with my hand, but it tripped the power supply. After this the Odrive disconnected from the pi and would not reconnect event after unpowering and repowering both devices. I assume that the odrive attempted to draw more than 5 amps. This caused the power supply to trip. When the odrive was working, it drew ~.034 ams on standby. Now it only draws .006 amps when powered on. Any ideas on what happened? Any fix to the issue?

Yes if 10A stalled motor current drew 0.28A from the PSU, then 50A motor current is expected to draw 0.28A * (50A / 10A)^2 = 7A, so it’s expected to trip the PSU. Though you should just get a ERROR_DC_BUS_UNDER_VOLTAGE on the ODrive, or if the PSU trip latches shut down or stays off for long enough (more than a few ms), then the ODrive will power cycle.

This seems to indicate that some hardware got fried or that the STM somehow lost it’s firmware. Do you get the green PWR light when you apply power? Do you have an ST-Link to try to flash it with? If not, can you try to use the DFU dip switch to connect to the PC in bootloader mode? Does it appear?

So yesterday I tried flashing it with an st-link and now its back up and running. Everything seems to work fine now.

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