Odrive Not Driving Motor Unless it's Calibration mode

Hi I have been trying to use the Odrive 3.6 24v with a BLDC motor (Eaglepower 8308 Brushless Motor Kv90 130kv Kv160 180 205kv High Power Loading Motor For Large Agricultural Drone Hly W9225 - Parts & Accs - AliExpress Link for the motor). I am also using an ams 5048A magnetic position sensor. I installed odrivetool from the github devel branch as I saw in other forum posts and the calibration runs fine but if I try to use input_pos or input_vel the motor does not move at all. I also started getting an error after calibration for encode cpr pole pair mismatch. After odrivetool wouldnt work I tried to switch to arduino but the same thing happened there the calibration ran fine and the bus voltage could be run but it wouldn’t do the sinusoidal movement in the example program. I’ve been stuck on this for quite a while and any help would help me immensely. (note motor is enclosed in a 3d printed planetary gear box)

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Please check your errors (dump_errors(odrv0))

So after doing dump_errors I get MOTOR_ERROR_DRV_FAULT and ENCODER_ERROR_ABS_SPI_COM_FAIL but when I unplug the encoder MOTOR_ERROR_DRV_FAULT disappears.

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Yeah, that’ll happen if the wiring is wrong. If you need, add tri-state buffers as appropriate