Odrive not holding State 8 (closed loop controle)

Hi guys

I have an Odrive 3.6 56V, a D05065 Motor and a 8192CPR Encoder from the shop.

I have managed to establish a conection between my teensy 4.1 and the odrive 3.6.
Calibration and the startup procedure all work and the comunication seems to work fine too, but every time the motor makes a moove (turns) the axis state switches frome 8(CLC) to 1 (Idle) and the motor dosn’t respond to any further comands. This also seams to be what is happening with the Test move from the ArduinoTest Script. When I run the test move the motor moves once and then stops immediately, but the move isent finished yet, which can be verrified by the furthur output of Positiondata to the Serialmonitor on the PC.

This Behavior is not exclusive to the board beeing controled via Teenys, it also happens when comands are manually sent via USB.

Does anyone have an idea why this could be happening?
Hope that wasn’t to confusing.
Thanks for the help in advance.

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Please check the errors (use dump_errors(odrv0) from USB / odrivetool). It’s usually either the dc_max_negative_current too small, enable_brake_resistor is disabled, or simply vel_limit too low

How are you checking the axis state?
Be sure to check for current_state and not requested_state.