Odrive not responding to USB

Had an Odrive working for a while, now it is not communicating over USB. I see the green power LED on. Any generic steps to debug this issue?

On J2, I see 5.1V on the 5V pin, 3.3V on the 3.3V pin, 3.3V on the /RST pin

Make sure your drive is in RUN mode, and make sure your drivers are still set properly via zadig. Other than that, reflash it with an STlink v2 and see if it comes alive again.

Thanks, I will try these things. I suspect I damaged the unit, but am not sure how. Does OdriveRobotics perform any RMA analysis?

We are seeing similar behavior on a second Odrive card in our circuit. We have a finicky BMS cutting out, sometimes this second card loses USB comms, and needs a power cycle.

I can’t recommend USB in a safety critical system that has a BMS… can you use the CAN protocol?

that is a good point, thanks


So, I checked the first drive. I assume by run mode, you mean the dip switch. It is set to run. As you mentioned re-flashing the card, have there been documented instances of memory corruption for these drive cards?