Odrive not showing on USB

I have Odrive 3.5 24V and it have worked before but now I’m trying to use the thing I can’t establish any connection. I have tried 2 different cabels and 3 different computers and nothing. I have tried to establish connection by setting dip switches to DFU mode but haven’t had any luck on that. With multimeter I have measured 5V and 3.3V rail and there is no problem on those.

I can’t see the odrive in device manager or Zadig utility.

Have you tried flashing the ODrive with odrivetool dfu when the switch is in DFU mode? (Make sure to power cycle when having used the switch)

yes, it’s only waiting for odrive to appear.As seen in the picture:


Sounds like you might have to use an STLink to see if you can get it to live again.

I have the same problem here !
did the stlink bring it back to life ?