Odrive possibly fried

I have hooked up a 48V v3.5 Odrive to a 48V power supply and it powered on at first. I then got an error with the Hall effect sensor so I soldered 47nF capacitors based on the Hoverboard motor guide. When I plugged the Odrive back into the power supply, it no longer turns on. The power supply can put out 48V if its not connected to the Odrive, but as soon as I connect it, the multimeter shows 0V going to the Odrive, the two power wires connecting it to the power supply physically twitch and the power supply makes clicking sounds in sync with the wires twitching. Do I have a fried board? I checked the connections of the capacitors and it looked good, I even removed them to see if something was shorting out, and it still isn’t working. Any thoughts on the problem?

If the power supply is ticking/clicking it’s probably faulting because you have a short somewhere. Unplug everything and test the resistance between + and - on the PSU and on the ODrive separately