ODrive Pro Dimensions (V4.4 Rev C)

Hi All,

I am working on upgrading a design from the Odrive 3.6 to Odrive Pro 4.4.

Currently in the process of designing the enclosure for the board. Wondering if anyone has the official dimensions for the board and or the CAD model?



Hi lewis,

Did you find the link on the product page? It’s probably not obvious enough ODrive Pro — ODrive

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Thank you. Yes! I missed it.

Is there a way to get CAD files for the ODrive Pro and / or spreader plate without paying for Onshape? Very pricy and out of my reach significantly. Thanks!


Even 2-D prints with dimensions would be helpful.

I measured my own Odrive Pro and created a model, but it isn’t perfect (close).


I actually just figured out that you can download the file from Onshape even thought it doesn’t look like it. Now I feel silly!

Hi All,

I grabbed the ODrive Pro model off of OnShape. For those of us using Fusion 360, the OnShape file comes in as a big mess of bodies and components. I spent some time updating the model for Fusion and also creating a model of the ODrive Pro enclosure. I suppose I can post the Fusion files for others to use, but there are many files since I model components separately and then insert them into a master assembly file.

Let me know if there is any interest.