ODrive PRO- Red LED flashing?

We bought a couple of Odrive PRO last year and we are starting to test them now. As far as I know, they have not been powered up in the past and I am completely new to this controller and environment. I am following the Odrive Web GUI Tutorial and I can connect the OdrivePRO but as soon as I connect the board the red LED starts blinking and the status is NULL. Is this normal?

I also tried to use Odrivetool to verify and download a new firmware version but I am getting this message: “No ODrive Pro v4.4-58V firmware found on channel master” . Am I missing something?

Regarding the GUI and status LED issues, updating the firmware is definitely the right direction.

It looks like you have a pretty old version of odrivetool, lets get that updated with:
pip install --upgrade odrive,
and then try odrivetool dfu again.