Odrive S1 - Accidently reversed DC input polarity

I accidently connected my ~16V supply backwards to the S1. Heard a pop and it no longer is accepting power from the DC input. USB connection still works fine and my computer recognizes it so there don’t seem to be issues with the mcu side. No components are visibly damaged and I measured infinite resistance between DC+ and DC- which is certainly not a good sign. I’m guessing I killed some voltage regulators but it’s difficult to diagnose without a schematic.

Any tips for which components to inspect more closely or just swap and see what happens? Or is a schematic available anywhere for me to use for diagnosis?

Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear that! Unfortunately this will have damaged a lot more than a voltage regulator, the drv / high voltage circuit is most likely damaged beyond repair.

Ah dang that’s unfortunate. Well thanks anyway!