ODrive S1 Can't Set Velocity Accurately and Sample Window Shows Garbage

I have been working with ODrive S1 to drive a BLDC with hall sensors. I am trying to build a winch. Previously, I have been able to get ramped velocity control working with this board and motor. I recently changed from 12V to 24V to run at higher speeds. Now, I can only run at the no load speed regardless of what my velocity input is. I am able to slow it down a tad if I put my input velocity as 1 turn/s or less but then I usually get a spinout error. I upped the electrical/mechanical spinout power thresholds to avoid this.

In addition, the sample window is showing noisy jibberish for position, velocity, and current while the motor is running. See below. It is noisy while I am running and the position jumps. I have not wrapped the hall sensor wires in shielding, but I have verified the wiring.

I’m not sure if anyone has seen this issue before. I’ve been trying to tune the motor but I went back to default parameters because I can’t get consistent control without a load.

Did any configurations change when the bus voltage was increased? Only being able to run at the no load speed (regardless of input_vel) sounds like the controller is misconfigured, is there any change you’re using torque control?

On the other hand, the introduction of noise and position jumps after increasing the voltage suggests the encoder signals are too noisy. Shielding would definitely help here, and moving the encoder wires further away from the motor phases and DC± could help isolate the problem.

The default electrical/mechanical spinout power thresholds are sufficient for most applications, the fact that you are seeing SPINOUT_ERRORs futher suggests that there is too much noise in encoder signals.

If you revert back to 12V, does everything behave the way it used to?
If you erase and recreate the configuration with the 24V supply, at which point does this issue appear?