ODRIVE S1 Loses Calibration


I am using 6 ODrives S1 that are communicating with a Teensy 4.1 over UART,
Things are going great. However, at random instances of time some of the controllers lose calibration and request full state calibration all over again,
This is a big problem as i have the system wire-actuated and i have to loose the tension to redo the calibration,

This happened randomly with 2 odrives 3 times on a period of about a month,
When this happens, i usually go to ODrive GUI and indeed i no longer can read position, velocity or torque, consequently, i can’t command anything until i redo calibration,

Any ideas on what could be the problem?
Thank you,

Hi AYildiz98,

Hm, that’s interesting. Some questions:

  • Are you using CRCs in your communication with the Teensy?
  • Does the entire ODrive have its config erased and returns to all default settings, or is it specifically and only the motor / encoder calibration?
  • What encoders are you using?
  • Would you be willing to share your communication code on the Teensy?
  • Does this only happen on specific ODrives, or is it effectively random as to which ODrives it happens to?
  • Dumb question - after calibrating the ODrives, you save the configuration, yes?
  • What ODrive S1 revision do you have? You can check on the bottom left of the top face of the board