Odrive S1 setup help: "CURRENT_LIMIT_VIOLATION"

I get this error when im doing motor calibration. its the first setup I’m doing and couldn’t find any help on other threads. Any help would be wonderful!

Here is the error code:
“fw_version”: “0.6.6”,
“commit_hash”: 307587176,
“product”: “5.2.0”,
“active_errors”: 0,
“active_errors_str”: “NONE”,
“disarm_reason”: 4096,
“disarm_reason_str”: “CURRENT_LIMIT_VIOLATION”,
“procedure_result”: 3,
“procedure_result_str”: “DISARMED”,
“last_drv_fault”: 0,
“internal_issues”: 0

here is pics with settings:

solved it, had to high calibration current