Odrive tool link

hallo , i wired up odrive correctly but i cannot find a direct linik were to dowload odrive tool and go on installing , seem to be so simple but i cannot find .
and if i type pip install --upgrade odrive in prompt it bounds back " program non recognized "
python 3.8.6 ready to go .
any help would be great .

Did you install pip when you installed Python 3.8.6? Normally that’s all you’ll use, but you can download it directly from here https://pypi.org/project/odrive/

after a check seem like i haven’t python installed , i try to solve this before googling , some tricks on why after installing python seem not installed would be great .
just followed some instruction on adding to windows path but still python not visble .
is it the link for linux ?

disinstalled all python and reinstalled and now tools installed , driver installed with zadig and now a new windows problem appear , visited link were bug mentioned but i’m not so programmer to follow and solve
any one fix this problem ?

** On entry to DGEBAL parameter number 3 had an illegal value
** On entry to DGEHRD parameter number 2 had an illegal value
** On entry to DORGHR DORGQR parameter number 2 had an illegal value
** On entry to DHSEQR parameter number 4 had an illegal value

RuntimeError Traceback (most recent call last)
C:\Program Files\Python38\Scripts\odrivetool in
17 from fibre import Logger, Event
18 import odrive
—> 19 from odrive.utils import OperationAbortedException
20 from odrive.configuration import *

c:\program files\python38\lib\site-packages\odrive\utils.py in
7 import subprocess
8 import os
----> 9 import numpy as np
10 import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
11 from fibre.utils import Event

c:\program files\python38\lib\site-packages\numpy_init_.py in
304 if sys.platform == “win32” and sys.maxsize > 2**32:
–> 305 _win_os_check()
307 del _win_os_check

c:\program files\python38\lib\site-packages\numpy_init_.py in _win_os_check()
300 "See this issue for more information: "
301 “https://tinyurl.com/y3dm3h86”)
–> 302 raise RuntimeError(msg.format(file)) from None
304 if sys.platform == “win32” and sys.maxsize > 2**32:

RuntimeError: The current Numpy installation (‘c:\program files\python38\lib\site-packages\numpy\init.py’) fails to pass a sanity check due to a bug in the windows runtime. See this issue for more information: https://tinyurl.com/y3dm3h86