Odrive USB Driver

Here I go again asking a really basic question. Where is the windows driver for the Odrive. I looked in

  1. ODriveFirmware/Drivers/CMSIS/
  2. ODriveFirmware/Drivers/DRV8301/
  3. ODriveFirmware/Drivers/STM32F4xx_HAL_Driver/

I don’t even know if I am barking up the right tree.

I have the part about flashing the firmware down. I can make changes and tune up the drive.
Now I need to send some commands and control the drive. Oscar has been a great help but I don’t bug him every time I run into a problem, Let’s get this community talking!


I’ve been testing the USB stuff mostly on Linux, so I didn’t get a chance to figure out the USB CDC stuff on Windows. I added a link to where to get the drivers in the bottom the windows instructions in the README.

I have been working on Windows.
I didn’t have to install any drivers, Windows installed it as a com port and I have been using the git bash terminal to send commands ‘echo “p 0 1000 0 0” > /dev/ttySxx’
Where ttySxx is the com port for the Odrive.
From git bash if you do: ls /dev/ | grep “tty”
This will list all the com ports available. Check this before you plug in the Odrive and check it for new ones after you plug it in.

Hope that helps


Note there is a new section on USB in the README.