oDrive v.36 No power LED, chips get hot immediately after plug in

I have been using my odrive for a few months now, but just recently the board has stopped responding and no longer shows the power LED in either run or DRM mode. Also, when I do plug it in all of the chips and motor drivers become too hot to touch within seconds, leading me to believe that there must have been a short of some sort during a power on that has fried my board. The board stopped working after I had powered it on, and left in in closed loop control for ~30 seconds as I attended to something else, and the chips were extremely hot when I came back but I didn’t see any smoke or sparks etc (Though I may have just missed it). A short is probably the culprit, as the environment the board was in had some aluminum and carbon fibre chips around during the last power on cycle which may have bridged a connection somewhere.

Is there anything I can try to revive my board/troubleshoot anything else that may have gone wrong? If there’s nothing I can do, can I send the board back to you guys to be potentially fixed?
I’ve already ordered a replacement, but I would like to be able to hang onto this one as a backup and not have to write off the whole board as garbage if possible.

Well, if you tell us which chips are hot then we might be able to help you track down where the short happened.

Start be cleaning it off with some shop air.