ODrive v3.4 Firmware

Hi. I have made myself an ODrive v3.4, so now it doesn’t have a firmware on it. Will it work if I flash directly the master on my ODrive v3.4 right now? Or do I have to do something more?

Thank you

See the Getting Started Guide or this DFU guide https://docs.odriverobotics.com/odrivetool.html#device-firmware-update

I’ve v3.4 since 3 years ago and I wanted to upgrade the firmware (it’s using still old object like odrv0.motor1 instead of axis, etc). I don’t find in the github repository the 0.5.1 firmware compatible with v3.4, but only with v3.5 and v3.6 hw versions.
Also, there are many warnings not to use firmware for a different hw version… but… where can I get 0.5.1 firmware upgrade "compatible with v3.4 hardware? I know that I will have to use STLink and not dfu…


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@Wetmelon I’m facing the same issue as @anunez. Is there a way to work with odrivetool 0.5.4 and Odrive v3.4?

Sure, you can just flash 0.5.4… might have to build from source, though. Are you 48V or 24V?

@Wetmelon That’s good! I’m using the 24V model.

Ok, hop onto the discord channel and I’ll send you a build.