ODrive v3.4 GPIO12 UART problem

My HW Setup is:
Odrive v3.4,
resitor conneced to AUX
N5065 connected to M0 port
2400 CPR encoder (LPD3806-600BM-G5-24C ) connected to J4/M0
arduino uno connected with pin 8-9 to GPIO 1-2 (8 rx to 1 tx, 9 tx to 2 rx)
I can’t get it to work.
I use master branch FW. I am trying to work arduino library example.
I was change Firmware/MotorControl/command.h:

but it did not work. I did not see any activity at GPIO pin 1 on response on reading bus command (arduino library odrive.getBusVoltage()). it just stay at 3.3v high state at all.

I found some difference with readme.md and source codes about disabling motors. I try to disable M1, but now this code section commented.
As I understand it was moved to axis files, and not need to be edited, but i am not sure.

And yes, after applying 24v, motor makes beep and make slow rotation both directions (calibration). Than it trying to keep current position with little
oscillation. When I apply force to rotate motor by hand it return it to start up position.

p.s.: sorry for my English

The Arduino library uses UART_PROTOCOL_LEGACY

That should fix it hopefully.

Thank you!
I feel so stupid :slight_smile:

It’s ok. This setting should be in the Readme for the Arduino library @madcowswe

Yes sorry about that. If you could please edit the Readme to include this info, and make a PR, that would be very helpful.